Meet Your Representative: Heather Garrow

By Karin Krisher

It’s that time again: time to meet your representative. Heather Garrow is known around the office for her unparalleled kindness. As an employee of FoodScience Corporation for 13.5  years, Heather has had countless interesting customer encounters and, consequently, countless stories to share.


Her favorite thing about the job, she notes, is “hearing all of the interesting cases that clinics get and helping to make product suggestions for those particular animals.” Says Heather, “It’s great knowing that our products can support animals’ quality of life.”

Because Heather has been with the company for over a decade, her experiences have ranged from heart wrenching to belly shaking to soul satisfying. Once, years ago, Heather was in close contact with a veterinarian who was also an animal communicator.

“I have always found it interesting when people really do seem to have a sixth sense,” she says. “In one conversation, this vet told me she had to order Glyco-Flex II for her pot-bellied pig because she had been talking to him and he told her was jealous of all the dogs in the household. Sure enough, Henry the pig has been on the product for some time now.”

Heather truly is renowned for her good heart and her general kindness. Our customers feel the same. Heather recalls a story of an elderly man whose wife had just passed away and, as her last wish, had expressed a desire that the man take good care of their beagle, who had been using Glyco-Flex III. The customer wasn’t sure where to find it and was worried about taking care of his pup’s health. Heather called around and found a clinic nearby that agreed to sell the product.

“I got a call about a week later from the elderly gentleman thanking me and telling me that I was like an angel sent from heaven to help him,” says Heather. “So sweet.”

It’s encounters like this that make the job incredibly rewarding. Heather has some other rewarding experiences, as well. Aside from her work at Vetri-Science, Heather works as a makeup and hair artist for local Vermonters and big names in sports and music. She also has a family that includes, of course, a cat and a dog!

Her “crazy” Treeing Walker Coonhound “Kramer,” whom her family adopted from a local shelter, just recently welcomed an adopted sidekick, appropriately dubbed “Newman.” Says Heather, “I would love to also adopt a Jerry, Elaine and a George(to complete the gang).”

Kramer, true to his name, takes Vetri-Science Composure chews to support his mood states.

“Kramer is a big baby and is very fearful of storms,” says Heather. “He won’t even go outside when it’s raining! I think it’s because he associates rain with thunder, and he hates thunder.”

Now, though, Kramer seems to associate storms with his Composure Chews, which he associates with deliciousness. Meanwhile, the brave Newman takes Vetri-Lysine Plus to support his immune system. Says Heather, “Since he didn’t get the best start at life, he can use all the additional support he can get!”

Have any questions about Vetri-Science products or services? Give Heather a call! We’re proud to introduce you to a senior service representative who’s cut from the finest cloth—and helps her customers be the same!

Meet Your Representative: Danielle Palardy

By Karin Kisher

meet your representativeWe’re happy to introduce a new series: Meet Your Representative!

Danielle Palardy is known around the office for her classically professional outfits and positive attitude. As an employee of FoodScience Corporation for 2.5 years and Vetri-Science for one year, Danielle has had plenty of interesting customer encounters and many stories to share.

Her favorite thing about the job, she notes, is speaking with “like-minded people who enjoy every size animal as much as I do.” Danielle accepted the position with Vetri-Science because of a lifelong interest in nutrition.

“I try to include as many holistic, natural and/or organic products in my life as I can. I have also been an avid animal lover for as long as I can remember. Being able to combine these two interests has been very rewarding.”

Danielle had one particularly rewarding customer experience recently:

“One man called in with routine product questions, but was overly happy that I could both answer his questions adequately and not subject him to an automated service machine. We then struck up conversation about Vermont-made products, and stumbled across a favorite we shared: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. That very afternoon I received a caramel and chocolate covered apple from a local vendor with accompanying Ben & Jerry’s pint in my favorite flavor.”

Not only did this encounter make Danielle’s sweet tooth happy, but also her disposition. She notes, “It’s the positive impressions that stick out in my memory the longest. Always thank your sales representatives—it just might brighten their days!”

Aside from her work with Vetri-Science, Danielle also participates in a local women’s choir and enjoys spending time with her gorgeous dark tiger/tabby domestic short hair, Brady. “You can almost see your face in his coat,” she says, “and the first thing people say is how soft he is!” Brady takes Nu–Cat soft chews and Glyco-Flex II Feline, which was added to his supplement regimen after he broke his leg last year.

Have any questions about Vetri-Science products or services? Give Danielle a call! We’re proud to introduce you to a customer service representative who truly enjoys her job—and the animals that benefit from it! And be on the lookout for our next meet your representative post!