A boy, his dog and their adventures on the dock.

Written by Logan Eure

Logan and Bella show off the spoils of all their hard work!

Logan and Bella show off the spoils of all their hard work!

VetriScience Laboratories has been sponsoring dockdogs teams for the last 8 years. This year the VetriScience sponsorship program through DockDogs grew to 20 teams! If you are unfamiliar with dockdogs, you may be missing out on one of the most exciting dog activities out there! We asked Logan Eure, one of our GlycoFlex sponsored youth handlers to tell us in his own words about his adventures as a dockdogs competitor. Check out his story below and you too will see why, we are so proud to have Logan jumping for #TeamGlycoFlex.

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Is Your Dog an Athlete? Read this Story!

Taho Dock DogsTaho is an athlete and a necessary member of Team Dalton, a DockDogs team well acquainted with VetriScience. When we heard that he had experienced an injury, we wanted to find out more and share his healing process with you. We spoke with Taho’s owner Jen through email to get a better picture of what Taho is experiencing, and how you can take steps to ensure your dog heals quickly in the face of an unexpected injury.

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Tails from the Road:

How a Standard Lunch and Learn Brought Sunnier Days to Jill and Souldger

Smiling Pitbull copyIn September of 2013, Jill Krist’s dog Souldger was struggling with his movements. Jill, a vet tech at Dublin Vet in Ohio, says her 12 year old Pit Bull had become nonambulatory.

At the time, Vonda, a VetriScience representative, had been conducting lunch and learn sessions at Jill’s clinic twice per week. She had become familiar with Souldger’s plight during one of these teaching sessions and wanted to offer Jill one of our products that she really believed in.

So Vonda offered a sample of our new Mobility Flex formula, which contains DevCor and Perna, two well known joint support ingredients. That was Monday.

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How Can I Trust Products with Ingredients from Other Countries?

laboratory testingAs a company that makes products you feed to your family members (your fur babies!), we have to be very careful about the ingredients we choose.

We choose ingredients based on a lot of external factors, but our main priority is health, and that means our main priority is safety, too.

So whenever we hear the question, “Are all of your raw ingredients sourced from the United States?” we want to answer with as much – and as thorough – info as possible.

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Caring for Senior Pets

SeniorPets copyAs we edge closer to November weather, we’re also approaching Adopt a Senior Pet Month – and it’s as good a time as any to discuss what it takes to care for an older pet.

One thing that’s reassuring about owning an older pet: you’re definitely not alone.

As of February 2014, 45% of dog owners reported having a dog age seven or older. (Large dogs are considered geriatric at around six years, while smaller breeds reach that distinction at around age seven.)

Dogs aren’t the only ones growing up fast. Forty-six percent of cat owners say their cat is in the oldest age bracket.

And in 2006, The American Veterinary Medical Association’s data showed that 31 percent of pet-owning households had pets ages 11 or older, a 25 percent increase since 1987.

Of course this makes sense. As our lifespans lengthen, so do those of our pets. With better medical care and more strict specialization comes older age.

But how do we ensure that the years our pets live are lived well?

If you currently own or are thinking about adopting a senior pet, read on for the perfect quick guide to care.

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Why Does Your Supplement Company Use the Word “Support” So Much?

221163_lOver the many years Vetri-Science has been in operation, we’ve developed a way of talking about our products with our customers that doesn’t involve deception. It doesn’t involve zealotry or absolutes. It doesn’t involve false claims.

But it does involve the word “support.”

That little word says so much – and we use it so often. There are a few very good reasons for that, and they all stem from valuing truth, clarity and transparency.

The first reason we love the word support: It’s accurate.

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Gnashers, Chompers and Fangs, Oh My: Welcome to National Pet Dental Health Month!

By Karin Krisher

78028105February is dedicated to dental health. And not just anyone’s dental health, but pet dental health—arguably one of the most important kinds! Periodontal wellness is a giant category in the pet health and veterinary industry, and with good reason. How many pet owners do you know that vigilantly brush their cats’ or dogs’ teeth?

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Why Some Pets Need Digestive Support

Karin Krisher

digestive supportImagine this: You’re going out of town for a weekend and you drop your dog off at a friend’s. You bring some food along—you really like your pup to have a regular diet because you’ve noticed his demeanor and comfort are affected by what he eats. You leave, knowing that your dog is in good hands.


Your friend has a barbecue. Her friends shove chicken bones in the dog’s bowl. Corn cobs at the dog’s feet. Potato salad under the table.

For many of your customers, conjuring up this scene doesn’t involve imagination; this is reality. Digestive support products are especially important to your patients because, although they may have the very best intentions for their animals’ food choices, your customers aren’t always in control.

On top of that, it’s a good bet that many of your emergency visits involve the digestive tract in one way or another. Insurance companies agree. We all know how curious cats and dogs are, and how oblivious many pet owners and pet owners’ friends can be.

Digestive Support from Vetri-Science

For those reasons, we strive to offer you and your customers some insurance of your own with our digestive support supplements. Granted, they are not cures for curiosity or an insatiable belly, but they are meant to support our four-legged friends’ G.I. tracts in every other way, and to help your customers expect the unexpected.

That’s especially true of our Fast Balance G.I. products, which are designed to deal with…how shall we say it? The pressing issues. Formulated to support fast digestion normalization and deal with garbage gut, nervous gut or food sensitivities, it contains a specialized yeast extract rich in mannan oligosaccharides derived from the cell wall of yeast right alongside probiotics (including: bacillus subtillus, mixed lactic acid bacteria, Enterococcus faecium), fungal derived enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae, and B vitamins.

The combination is unparalleled. It can make a great G.I. support product for those in-between times—such as when your customers have to wait 24 hours for lab results and would prefer not to spend it constantly cleaning up dog mess.

Other balance supporting products, like our Vetri-Probiotic Everyday, are designed to Digestive supportmaintain the gut environment during all the other, normal times, so that when Fido does sneak his way into the coffee grounds, your customers’ nights won’t be as sleepless.

It’s pretty obvious that gut health is one of the most important areas of wellness to maintain—for all animals. Have you ever had an especially memorable patient with gut issues? Share your story—and check out these fun finds; they’ll make your patient look like his diet’s impeccable!

Composure for your July 4th

By Karin Krisher

Whether you’re a veterinarian or one of our loyal pet-owning fans (or both), you’ve likely come to recognize the temper flare that arrives every year around this time.

Fear is a scary thing. It can turn even the most tranquil cats into frenzied felines, the most peaceful dogs into cantankerous canines, and the most docile horses into edgy equine. If you’re one of the thousands of people who’ve seen dogs, cats and horses make a run for it at the crack of thunder or the sudden burst of a celebratory fireworks display, you know that this can turn your holiday (and theirs) into a literal cat and mouse game that doesn’t always have a simple solution—or a winner.

Keep Your Composure

As we sidle up to July in the familiar fashion, there’s a lot to celebrate: The heat, the family gatherings, the sunshine—and of course, our nation’s Independence Day. But while others pass the potato salad after a cool dip in the pool, pet owners are gearing up for the tirade of anxious behavior (and possible stampedes) that can be caused by the stress of a loud surprise or the parade crowd waving flags. This Fourth of July also brings us a full moon, so we’re in for double trouble.

If your companion animal (or any that you know!) experiences stress at this time of year, don’t panic. This type of behavior (running, crying, sleeping, aggressive attitude, etc.) is a normal fear response. Before the fireworks and barbecue season begins, think about your pets’ behavior during times of increased stress.

Do they tend to run away? Sleep all day? Urinate in places that you would rather they just didn’t? Whatever your pets’ reactions, respond to them appropriately. For example, if your dog tends to get restless when you have visitors, try to tucker him out with a Frisbee game in the park before the guests arrive. If your cat cowers beneath the couch when the fireworks begin, consider taking him to a friend’s place so he’s out of earshot.

Most importantly, if you have any fear of your animal exiting the scene without warning, be sure she or he has either a microchip or classic proper identification that contains clear, legible contact information.

Finally, consider supplemental support. Vetri-Science Laboratories’ Composure chews are incredibly popular this time of year, and with good reason. They’re delicious (so while you’re enjoying blueberry pie your pup won’t feel left out) and they provide calming support for pets exposed to environmental stress. We also offer this supplement in a paste for horses, a liquid, and in a human version, so you too can keep your cool.

If your dog is alongside you on the blanket while you revel in the glow of the park at night, take a moment to think about his needs. And then make a move. We can all agree that everyone deserves to celebrate summer in peace.

Has your pet, or a pet you’ve treated before, ever lost it a little bit? How did you respond? Tell us your story in a comment!