5 Tips for a Stress-Free Summer with Your Pet

Backyard BBQs. Beach days. Ball games. Summer is a chance to kick back and relax but it can also be a time of heightened stress for pets. Thunderstorms, fireworks and road trips may cause stress in cats and dogs. Meanwhile, outdoor adventures and extreme temperatures can be dangerous for your pet. But, you can follow these simple tips to enjoy a stress-free summer with your best buddy!

1. Stay calm during fireworks and thunderstorms 

Many pets experience noise phobias that trigger a stressful reaction during fireworks and thunderstorms. That’s why more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Other signs of stress include excessive barking, destructive behavior, hiding or isolation and having an accident in the house.

But, you can keep your pet calm and collected by providing a quiet, comfortable space away from the noise and commotion. Keep windows and curtains closed and use a white noise machine to distract from the ongoing event. This will give your cat or dog a sense of security when you’re admiring fireworks, hosting a get-together or waiting for a storm to pass.

2. Prepare for the road

Family road trips are a hallmark of summer and wouldn’t be complete without bringing your furry friend. However, your pet is a creature of habit and these fun-filled vacations are a change in the routine that can cause anxious behavior and even stress-related diarrhea.

Prepare your pup for the road by packing a travel kit that includes their favorite toys and treats to make your car feel like home. You can also tire out your dog with a long walk or game of fetch before hitting the road. Making frequent stops on the road will give your pup a chance to stretch their legs and use up excess energy. A tired dog is less stressed!

3. Keep them indoors

Our dogs are like family so it’s hard to imagine leaving them home while we’re out having a blast. But it also may be in their best interest. Whether it’s a long hike or fireworks display, staying indoors is often the safest place for your dog. That way, your dog won’t be exposed to environmental stressors like loud noises, large crowds and unusual sights. It will also limit their exposure to the elements, which leads into our next tip…

4. Keep an eye on the thermometer

Just like us, pets can overheat from strenuous exercise and long days outdoors. Symptoms of overheating typically include excessive panting or difficulty breathing. Keep your pet calm and cool by providing access to shade and fresh water, taking walks during cooler periods and never leaving them alone in a parked car.

It’s also important to keep your pet off hot surfaces like pavement or sand that can burn your pet’s paws. You may want to apply a natural wax to their paws to protect them from prolonged exposure to hot surfaces throughout the summer.

 5. Try calming supplements

Can’t find the trick that will actually keep your cat or dog calm? Calming supplements like VetriScience’s Composure™ can help your pet relax during fireworks, thunderstorms and car rides.

Composure is made with natural ingredients and is clinically shown to work within 30 minutes and last up to 4 hours.* It’s also safe to double or even triple the dose during times of heightened stress.

Before your next adventure, give your pet Composure to support calm behavior no matter what summer has in store for you!

*CanCog Technologies Study “Assessment of Anxiolytic Properties of a Novel Compound in Beagle Dogs with a Noise-Induced Model of Fear and Anxiety”