Derma Strength Pro™

  • Skin health
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Occasional discomfort
  • Season allergy support
Derma Strength Pro™ promotes skin health and a normal recovery after surgery for dogs and cats.
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Derma Strength Pro™ is a hypoallergenic formula that supports the structural foundation of your pet’s skin from the inside out. Combining phytosome technology with proven skin support ingredients, Derma Strength Pro™ features omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, and other highly bioavailable nutrients that support cats and dogs with occasional discomfort or itching. Derma Strength Pro™ also contains hyaluronic acid and ingredients from three different classes of flavonoids, which support healthy histamine levels. These tasty duck-flavored chews are suitable for pets with sensitive diets.

Directions for Use: 0-25 lbs: 1 chew daily
26-50 lbs: 2 chews daily
51+ lbs: 3 chews daily
Extra Support: Double the dose for the first 4 weeks.

Skin & Coat Health

Normal Shedding

Seasonal Allergy Support