VetriScience Laboratories has been a leader in the animal health supplement industry for over 40 years! We are extremely excited to have partnered with PetPace Smart Collars to bring pet parents the most advanced pet health monitoring system available. If you have not yet signed up for your PetPace health monitoring subscription please do so here: http://shop.petpace.com/vspecial/.

VetriScience Laboratories Rebate

VetriScience is offering a $10 cash back rebate to pet parents that have purchased the PetPace Smart Collar, subscribed to the collar monitoring system and purchased 3 VetriScience animal health supplement products within 12 months of purchasing your smart collar. In order to claim your rebate we require proof of purchase for the PetPace collar and VetriScience supplements. Terms and conditions apply.

How to claim the rebate

You can claim your rebate by uploading your receipts here on our website or by mailing them directly to us.

Uploading Your Receipts

  1. Please fill out the requested information on the website including email address and mailing address. When each field is completed, please accept the terms and conditions then click next.
  2. To upload your receipts you can use a PDF, PNG, GIF, or JPG image. Each receipt should be uploaded separately.
  3. In order to qualify for the rebate you must include a receipt for the purchase of your PetPace Smart Collar and receipts showing the purchase of 3 or more VetriScience Laboratories nutritional supplements. All purchases must be made within 12 months of the purchase date of your PetPace Smart Collar.
  4. Please allow 2-3 weeks for rebate processing

Rebates by Mail

  1. Please print the rebate form and provide all requested information. To print the form please click here.
  2. Collect the receipts for your PetPace Smart Collar and your VetriScience items. Please mail the filled out rebate form and receipts to:
    VetriScience Laboratories
    929 Harvest Lane
    Williston, Vermont 05495
  3. Please allow 3-4 weeks for rebate processing

I want to Upload my Receipts

Step #1
Step #2

Terms & Conditions:

I agree with the terms & conditions


Upload your receipts for processing. Files can only be in jpeg, jpg, gif, and png format. One (1) receipt must be for your PetPace collar, and a minimum of three (3) receipts must be for your VetriScience products.

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