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Dear Vetri-Science,

First of all, you should know I NEVER write testimonials, ever, but crying tears of joy this morning made me think I should contact you. The week before Thanksgiving, we started our 8yr old, 85lb black lab, Putter, on Glycoflex II. He had one knee completely replaced in Feb, and had partially torn his meniscus on the other in late Oct. Needless to say, surgery on the other leg was completely out of the question cost wise. Our vets only advice was to "find a glucose supplement" and hope it gets better.

Choosing a supplement was NOT an easy task. But...

Fast forward now five weeks, and not only is he 90% weight bearing, this morning, he climbed our back deck stairs for the first time in ten months. My back thanks you, my dog thanks you, and my happy heart thanks you the most. I'm a customer for life.


Sarah Courchesne & Putter
Belchertown, MA

We purchased this product for our 14 year old MinPin who had lost most of the use in her hind legs to a point where we had to carry her outside to go potty and stand behind her to hold her backend up so that she could relieve herself as this was quite heartbreaking to a point we were not sure on what to do....

The Vet we went to wanted to put her on Rimadyl and after searching the product and possible side effects -- we decided to look for alternative solutions and came upon the Glyco Flex III product

We purchased a bottle of 120 and have been giving Ms. Emily 1/2 pill daily since October 29, 2012 -- we can't express enough on how this product has worked for Emily....

She is back to walking around as about as normal as she can for a 14 year old -- she has her little doggy steps and wants to try to walk up them but we are thinking she is not sure that she can, but that is okay -- she gets in a good 1/4 mile of a walk in daily and we are not having to carry her or stand behind her to hold her up while going potty -- she does stumble from time to time and we think that it is because her feet just aren't moving as fast in the past.

We aren't sure where she would be at this point had we not found and started to use the Glyco Flex III -- we are hoping that you would find a way to use this testimonial since we were a bit skeptical by what we were reading in the internet but now that it's been a good 4 weeks of daily use we felt for us and emily that it was a miracle and if there are others out there saying to themselves I wonder if that Glyco Flex III is any good --take it from Emily who can enjoy her daily walks again.

Maria Rivera
Dunnellon, FL

Dear Vetri-Science: I was recently at Michigan Vet Conference and the MWI Veterinary Supply table and found info about your Vetri-Lysine Chews. I have recently started giving them to my cat, Bazinga, a 9mo old female cat, that had chronic , recurrent, eye irritation. Boy oh boy, that supplement cleared her eyes up right away, AND gave her energy that I never knew she had. Now shes quite the pest, getting into everything!! Thaaanks. Now, shes not a chewy treat eater, so I crumble it in some water and in no time its like a gravy that I pour over her food, and that she laps right up !!

Teri Sexton, DVM
Lansing, MI

MurphyThis is Murphy – an undiagnosed diabetic kitty from April of 2009 through August 2010. Prior to April of 2009, her senior panels prior did not indicate diabetes. Her diagnosis was missed in mid-2009, when she became severely ill. At that time, Murphy contracted MRSA, e-coli and step aureas in and around her nasal cavity. For 12 weeks, she was aggressively treated with super bug antibiotics. Four weeks later, the infection cleared, but three add'l MRSA infections were in her future, the last of which led to her contracting d. cati, a very uncommon mite related to severely immuno-compromised pets with systemic illnesses that lower the immune system very aggressively. In sum, she was not able to fight off even her own bacteria.

She became far worse in the late summer of 2010, with severe painful bouts of pancreatitis, drinking 3 bowls of water per day, ravenously eating and frosty paws from sugar in her urine sticking to kitty litter - cement on her paws. She was so ill, that she lacked the fortitude to even move and thrive and became very depressed.

Fortunately, through a careful, thorough and loving internist, Murphy did finally get her diagnosis of feline diabetes, although in the emergency care of her internist, and we started insulin injections immediately. Through several glucose curves she became stabilized within a few weeks. I started DMG immediately as recommended by my vet, and within one week, a remarkable improvement, not only in her eyes becoming brighter, her fur becoming more shiny, but her sense of well-being so evident and pronounced through the use of Vetri-DMG.

Vetri-Science gave me a product that does, in fact, support animals with systemic illnesses, although along with other systemic illnesses, including diabetes, there are no cures. She steadily improves each day and as you can see, this is truly a miraculous recovery.

This is a true testimonial of Vetri-Science's commitment to providing excellent holistic products to support pets with a variety of illnesses. Murphy is exactly where I need and want her to be. Enjoying life, and loving it. Something she has missed out on for almost 2 years.



Two weeks ago I found out my 12 year old German shepherd, Sam, had kidney failure. We started her on fluid treatments 3 times a week, but she digressed quickly. After a week of treatment she only got worse. She was in pain and was not able to keep fluids down. We made the painful decision to put her to sleep.

I got Sam, from and 8X8 muddy pen with 6 of her brothers and sisters jumping on her (she was the runt). My husband of 7 years jokes that it wasn't until after airborne school that Sam accepted him as part of her family. When he returned for a two week leave from the army he decided to take Sam for a run with him. When they came back from the 8 mile run my husband was caring Sam. He stated that she got tired and needed a little help. Sam and I were only used to 5 mile walks. From then on they were inseparable, when he wasn't deployed.

Sam has always been my rock. She went fishing with me, loved swimming, running, and was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She made the journey by car with me from Seattle, WA to Fayetteville, NC where my husband got stationed, and got the chance to swim in both oceans. She had a very full life and loved being around her family. My mother bragged that this was her first granddaughter.

In the last 6 months of her life she began to have hip problems and was hobbling around on 3 legs. The vet recommended Glyco-flex, and I was willing to give anything a try. After 3 days of the chewable she began to run around like a puppy again and we were able to take her swimming. Thank you for making the last 6 months of my dogs life so enjoyable. Without Glyco-flex my dog would not have spent the last 6 months enjoying what she loved to do and being so active. Thank you for making such a great product.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss Sam like crazy, or cry because she is not by my side. But I will always remember the good times we had together and all the lives that she touched. Next week my husband and I will spread her ashes in the lake that she loved to swim in. Thanks again.

Elizabeth Page


My dog Lucy, a Border Collie, and I are a Type I Certified FEMA Disaster Search Team. We go into buildings that have collapsed and look for people who have survived. Lucy worked the Oklahoma City Binombing 1995. We are also a California State-Certified Human Remains Detection Team with 3 major finds since June 1999.

Lucy began using Glyco-Flex two years ago and the improvement in her ability to work difficult rubble search problems without soreness the next day was amazing. This year her orthopedist recommended we begin using Glyco-Flex II Double Strength. Lucy and I just completed our disaster recertification in November with comments on our Evaluations Forms like: "Great agility!" "Looks good for an older dog!" "Pleasure to watch!" Lucy literally flies over the rubble; but, the most descriptive picture of her continued structeral health is my husband's observation that she is our "geriatric puppy". Lucy will be 10 years old in January. With continued use of Glyco-Flex II Double Strength, I believe we can look forward to many more years of active search work.

Lynne Engelbert
Canine Search Specialist
Saratoga, CA


We have been using and selling Composure liquid since soon after it was launched. I admit to Being a little skeptical at first, but have been well convinced. We were previously using and selling Rescue Remedy which worked for some animals but was never very effective for the difficult to treat ones--plus it contains alcohol. Anyway, we have tried it in three different "arenas" and found it helpful in all:

In our Practice we use it for hospitalized animals and cats up for adoption and find that it helps calm and soothe the fearful and distressed animals. Feral/very scared cats get at least a double dose twice daily and it seems to help calm them down enough to be socialized by our volunteers (also protecting the humans!).  Occasionally Composure has some effect, but is not quite enough to help, and in these situations we still prescribe psychotropics. But it is still a good diagnostic tool--i.e. if there is a chemical imbalance to be treated, and composure has helped, the psychotropics will also be effective.

For our clients we primarily recommend it for: any disruption to the social situation--eg
fighting households, owner away, grief (ie after another pet has been put to sleep) Travel anxiety, and any behavioral disorders--eg inappropriate elimination, aggression, submissiveness, generalized anxiety, depression etc.   The fact that clients are "repeat users" and report improvement presumably means that it is working!

Personally: We use it in our own home for our cats who became upset when we were practicing
out of our house prior to opening our clinic, and began spraying, marking and fighting with
one another. At double the recommended dose twice daily, the fighting calmed down almost immediately and the inappropriate urination has curtailed almost to the point of stopping altogether. Specifically, the two most aggressive cats are much calmer and seem happier--including more open to human affection. The shy and scared cats seem to hide less and be more confident around the others.

All in all I feel absolutely confident about recommending Composure. It is utterly safe
and, in most cases, effective. 

Juliet Sternberg CSW
Kristine Young, DVM
Brooklyn, NY

My 14 year old female cat acts years younger since taking your Nu-Cat Vitamins. It's wonderful to see her running and playing again. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Beth Jezek
Asheville, NC

I wanted to write and let you know that your product has changed my dog's life. A ten-year-old Aussie, she has injuries on her back legs from being hit by a car as a puppy, and has some how lost most of the cartilage in a front elbow. She's been on regular Glyco-Flex for years, but we recently switched to Glyco-Flex III. After a month, she has gone from a dog who wouldn't walk more then a hundred yards, to one who trots happily along for 1/2 mile jaunt to the stream and is still "sailing" for the 1/2 mile back. Thank you for returning her spirit by easing her pain. Feel free to use my comments as an endorsement. I'm a true believer and have told anyone I know with a limping dog about Glyco-Flex!

Laurel A. Saville
Jericho, VT


A year ago I rescued a pony, she was in very bad condition. She had been left to herself for four years in a very lush pasture. Of course, she had foundered. Her hooves had grown in excess of 14 inches, they were curled and twisted. The first veterinarian that saw her recommended euthanasia. Well, I would not accept that. With the help of my farrier and another veterinarian, we x-rayed her feet and began trimming her hooves. At first, we really did not know if she could walk. The veterinarian recommended Vetri-Plus and Glyco-Flex II EQ (formally Glyco-Flex Plus EQ) as supplements for her. I will tell you, the change did not happen over night, but the supplements have been very effective for her. In the year following, with common sense care for a foundered pony and the Vetri-Science products, (ie: regular trimming, dry lot feed during growing season, and Glyco-Flex II EQ twice a day, and Vetri-Plus once a day) there has been a remarkable improvement. The pony nicknamed "Stevie", as she is truly a wonder, (a wonder she had survived) trots, canter, and plays. She snickers at people, trots around the pasture with my 16.2 Racking Horse, plays with the pygmy goats and is really a different pony. She has spirit and life to her. The more I see her, the more grounded I become and realize how she was meant to be in this world and I know that I made the right choice in using your products.

Colleen Boyd
Richland, MO

We are German Shephard Dog owners, this being our third GSD - loved as much as the other two! Liesel celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday and is doing well. When she was three years of age, my husband and I decided to have her hops x-rayed just so we might know what is in store (if anything) in her future (and ours). Sure enough, she has a hip problem (which might be more of a problem as she ages). We were told to keep her "thin" (not an easy task) and give her Glyco-Flex 600 - 1.5 pills twice a day. So far she is doing extremely well. She is given regular walks and tennis ball throwing (no jumping however). And, of course, a dose of love as well. I just wanted to write and let you all know that we thank you for giving our girl a chance for a long, long life.

Paul and Barbara Nichols
Lancaster, PA

I am writing in referance to your new product Glyco-Flex III. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results of this product. I have a client with a dog with severe arthritis in his back legs. The owner was to have him euthanized because of the pain he was in. The dog was on Rimadyl, but could barely walk. The owner came in to schedule a euthanasia, but the clinic had just received Glyco-Flex III and we figured it was worth a try. Within a week on this product, the dog was walking and has now been weaned off Rimadyl. The owner is happy, I am happy, and the dog is still alive. If it would not have been for your product, the dog would not be here today and the owner would have been crushed. Thank you for such a great product.

Stacey Ohara, Vet Tech.
Oxford, MI

Our dog's name is Coco. He is a 6 year old black Lab and Golden Retriever mix. He loves to hunt pheasants, go for walks and run beside you whether you are on a bike or an ATV. About 4 years ago, he changed. He would lie around a lot and was not so full of life anymore. He just looked at us with a sad face, like he was hurt. We started Coco on aspirin twice a day, but after 6 months it was to hard on his stomach and we stopped. We took him to see Dr. Lepley and he was given a cortizone shot, which worked for a while. We then tried cortizone pills, but Coco was still limping and it was very hard for him to get around. We then tried another shot of cortizone, two other medications with no results, and Rimadyl. About three weeks ago, he was put on Jointagen III. Within four days, he was walking better and his limp was gone! He is now taking walks for himself and acts like a different dog. We feel better to see him feeling better. Thank you for making this new medicine.

Irene G. Eickenrogh
Pierson, MI

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