VetriFlex® for Cats

Our most advanced joint support formula combines clinically proven ingredients and antioxidants in phytosome form for superior bioavailability. With a smaller chew size and added flavoring, VetriFlex® is formulated for improved compliance in cats.
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VetriFlex® is a clinical strength formula that provides structural support for joints and soft tissues, and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. It combines the GlycoFlex® 3 formula with antioxidants in phytosome form for superior bioavailability. VetriFlex® is designed for improved compliance with a smaller chew size, added flavoring to mask the scent and taste of curcumin and no required loading dose.

Directions for Use: Up to 15 lbs: Give 1 chew daily.
15-30 lbs: Give 2 chews daily.

Joint health


Improved mobility

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