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Meet Our VetriExperts

Our VetriExperts are trusted specialists in their fields. They help VetriScience by giving perspective to our customers from their point of view! We are proud to have them as part of our team to talk supplements, training tips, and everything in between.

Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz


Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz is a small animal veterinarian based in Northern California. He has worked as both a general practitioner and emergency vet. He earned a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Sonoma State University and attended Purdue University for veterinary school. After a few years in the profession, Marcus realized that there is a lot of pet misinformation, so in 2021 he started a social media account (@thefriendlyvet) and blog ( to serve as a trusted resource helping pet parents make informed decisions so their fur babies can live healthier and happier. When Marcus isn’t working, you can find him spending quality time with his wife and dog, traveling, or watching basketball.

Christy Gardner

Certified Professional Trainer, Maine
2 Dogs: Doug, Libbie

Christy Gardner is the founder and president of Mission Working Dogs, a nonprofit that trains dogs to aid people with disabilities so that they can live a more independent and fulfilling life. Serving as a Sergeant in the United States Army Military Police in Asia in 2006, Christy survived an injury which eventually led her to accept her golden retriever service dog named Moxie in 2010. The two became inseparable and Moxie has accompanied Christy on many “missions” of their own, including competing with Team USA as an athlete on the U.S. Women’s Sled Hockey Team and on the USA Para Surfing Team. As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with nine years' experience training Service and Therapy Dogs and five years' experience with breeding, Christy has brought her dream of empowering others to fruition with the creation of Mission Working Dogs.

Curtis Kelley

Certified Professional Trainer, Pennsylvania
1 Dog: Vista

Curtis Kelley is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and the founder of Pet Parent Allies in Philadelphia. He works primarily with reactivity, aggression, and fear in dogs and offers private training lessons as well as virtual consults.

Kelley had a fascination with animal behavior at an early age, noting a spark of intelligence in his first dog. As a trainer, his favorite moments are when a new understanding passes between dog and human. At that moment, everyone is on the same page about the objectives and the pathway to success. He believes that training and succeeding together helps to root the bond that people and dogs share more deeply. Kelley strives to make training an ingredient to connect relationships between people and their dogs more profoundly and powerfully.

Nicole LaForest

Vet Tech, Washington
2 Cats: Wilma, Flintstone

Nicole LaForest is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Vice President of the Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians where she's served on the board since 2016. With over 10 years veterinary experience, Nicole brings a unique perspective to the veterinary industry; having partnered with several veterinary companies developing products and platforms designed to provide care to pets around the world.


When not working in the surgery room or ER, Nicole can be found educating her peers through conference lectures and social media. Nicole is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree in Public Health. Coupled with her undergraduates in veterinary technology and human healthcare management, Nicole believes human and animal disease prevention are both pivotal to the overall health of the global community.

Dr. Nicole Sheehan, DVM

North Carolina
2 Dogs, 2 Cats

Dr. Nicole Sheehan is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, and quickly found herself going down the road of holistic and alternative medicine for pets as she worked to find healthy solutions for her young dog with arthritis. After educating herself more about holistic pet nutrition, she turned to VetriScience to improve the quality of life her dog and patients. Dr. Nicole owns four integrative veterinary hospitals in North Carolina and Florida offering both traditional and alternative therapies for pets. In addition to practicing integrative medicine, she recently founded Whole Pet Global Outreach to provide medical care and transportation of homeless pets in the Caribbean Islands to the mainland United States for adoption.

Dr. Monica Tarantino, DVM

North Carolina
4 Dogs, 2 Cats, +occasional foster animal

Dr. Monica Tarantino is a small animal veterinarian with a focus on senior and geriatric pets. She has practiced canine and feline medicine for the past seven years and works as a general practitioner and chief of staff at a clinic in the Charlotte, NC area where you will find her managing sick dogs and cats, performing dental surgeries and practicing preventative medicine. Dr. Tarantino is the creator of the Senior Dog Revolution Podcast which focuses on senior dog topics of health and happiness. She has also developed an online course for pet parents that want to give their senior dogs the best care possible called the Senior Dog Guide to Health and Happiness.

Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM


Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM MBA, is a Senior Veterinary Services Consultant at VetriScience. Dr. DeLomba is a veterinarian with 16 years of private clinical experience at a companion animal practice. Her experience also extends to the veterinary pharmacy industry where she worked for 14 years and held several positions throughout her career.

Dr. DeLomba is a current faculty member at PharmCon, which provides continuing education to pharmacists. Previously, Dr. DeLomba served as the Director of Veterinary Services at VetCentric, where she published over 50 articles in a weekly newsletter for vets. Dr. DeLomba is an active member of the AVMA and the American Association of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics. She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of companion animal medicine with a focus on nutrition and pharmacology.

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