Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy VetriScience® products?

VetriScience® products are sold online and in stores. You can buy products directly through our website, on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Chewy or at national and independent pet retailers. Please visit the “Where to Buy” page to select your preferred retailer. VetriScience® Pro Line products are sold exclusively at veterinary clinics.

Where can I buy VetriScience® Pro Line products?

Pro Line products are sold exclusively at veterinary clinics. Please use the Find a Vet tool to locate a vet near you that carries our products.

If I live outside the United States, how can I purchase VetriScience® products?

VetriScience® products are sold internationally at online retailers such as Amazon. Please contact us via email to determine availability in your location.

Do you test on animals?

VetriScience® Laboratories does participate in clinical trials to determine efficacy of our products. These trials are voluntary, and pets that participate are enrolled by their veterinarian and pet parent. We also use our own pets to “taste test” all of our supplements.

Do I need a prescription for VetriScience® Products?

Our products are supplements, not drugs. Therefore, no prescription is required to purchase VetriScience® products. However, Pro Line products need to be purchased at a veterinary clinic.

Can I use dog products for cats and vice versa?

We do not recommend off label usage of any of our products. We take great care to formulate each product to be specific to the needs of cats or dogs from the nutrients they include to the flavors that they like.

How much should I give to my dog or cat?

Dosing instructions located on the back of the package or bottle and on each of our product pages.

Where is the expiration date on the package or bottle?

The expiration date is located next to the lot number on the back of the package or bottle. The lot # is 8 digits long, then a space, then 4 more digits indicating month and year. For example: a product with numbers 99999999 0121, would expire in January 2021. We do not recommend usage after the expiration date.

Can more than one VetriScience® product be used at the same time?

In many cases, VetriScience® products can be administered simultaneously. However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine if the combination is suitable for your cat or dog.

My package was not properly sealed, what should I do?

Although this is a very rare occurrence, please return the product to the original retailer if it’s improperly sealed. They will provide you with a replacement product at no cost to you. Please contact us at 1-800-882-9993 should you have any difficulty with this process.

Do you source ingredients from China?

Our raw material suppliers acquire high quality ingredients from all over the world. Our ingredients must exceed stringent quality control measures or analysis prior to using them in our manufacturing process, and ultimately in VetriScience® products.

Are your products made in the USA?

Our products have been manufactured from our facilities in Vermont for nearly 40 years. Our manufacturing facilities are SQF-certified and strictly adhere to NASC guidelines and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

What should I do if your product made my pet sick or they consumed too much?

We take poor reactions to our products very seriously. Since our products are supplements, they’re typically well-tolerated by cats and dogs. However, if your pet had too many, they may experience digestive upset since the high nutrient levels in products can be too rich for their stomach. If our products made your pet sick, please contact our customer care team to 1-800-882-9993 report this issue so we can further assist you with this matter. If you have more immediate concerns, please contact your veterinarian immediately as soon as possible.

Can I increase my pet’s amount of a supplement?

Increasing your pet’s dose is not recommended unless specifically noted on the packaging. However, it’s suitable to increase your pet’s amount of Composure™ during times of heightened stress.

Are these products considered treats?

VetriScience® offers a line of condition specific supplements including beneficial levels of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary compounds. Supplements are not formulated to be used as a treat or training aid.

My product was exposed to extreme heat during shipping and delivery. Is it still safe?

Short term exposure to extreme elements should not affect the product. Stability studies show that any changes to products during shipping are minimal. However, if your product smells rancid or appears discolored, please contact us at 1-800-882-9993 to report this issue.

Do VetriScience® products require refrigeration?

Refrigeration of our products is not recommended unless specifically noted on the packaging. Products should be stored in a cool, dry place.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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