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Perio Plus Feline Bites

  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Plaque and tartar control
  • Fresh breath
Tasty, convenient chews support dental health in cats.
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Perio Plus Feline Bites are designed with two delicious layers in a targeted and hassle-free delivery system to support daily dental health in cats. The outer layer of the chew promotes clean teeth, plaque control, and fresh breath. The inner core supports overall oral health, including gum tissue integrity and fresh breath. Even picky cats love these tasty chicken-flavored chews that support dental health between veterinary cleanings.

Directions for Use: Give 2 bites daily.
For cats over 10 lbs, give 4 bites daily
For best results use daily and give between meals.

Healthy teeth & gums

Plaque & tartar control

Fresh breath